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AIR CORKSCREW Perfect for brittle corks

AIR CORKSCREW Perfect for brittle corks

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Anyone who has ever opened a bottle of wine of an older vintage knows about the problem of corks breaking off and the associated cumbersome removal of the cork residue from the neck of the bottle.

Cork crumbs or whole pieces often fall into the bottle, requiring careful decanting of the wine with a fine decanting sieve. There is an ideal solution for these problems.


Thanks to our innovative air corkscrew, you effortlessly remove the cork with air pressure, allowing you to enjoy a fine drop with family, friends, and colleagues without any effort.

Our air corkscrew belongs to the VINOCOOL family of wine accessories. Made of solid material, it combines the techniques of the spiral corkscrew with those of the spring corkscrew. Perfect for wine connoisseurs and lovers of fine wines.

Ideal as a gift for friends and acquaintances.
Cheers to many happy evenings ahead!

Package: 1x corkscrew with packaging
Weight: 54g
Size: 19.5cm in height 5cm in width

Disclaimer: Not to be used with Champagne bottles and sparkling wine

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