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VACUUM WINE SAVER electric & automatic

VACUUM WINE SAVER electric & automatic

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Not finishing a bottle of wine... Every wine lover knows the dilemma – the taste disappears quickly, aroma is lost, and pleasure turns into haste. No more!

Our groundbreaking Vacuum Wine Bottle Closure, combined with cooling, is the ultimate savior, the answer to the desire for long-lasting freshness. Forget the sad reality that opened wine spoils within a few hours.


Thanks to innovative vacuum technology, even a red wine that would typically become undrinkable in no time remains fresh and delicious under vacuum in the fridge for several days, or even a whole week, depending on the wine.

Not only effective but also cost-effective, this method preserves the integrity of your wines. Seal your wine bottle with precision and delight in the same quality even days later


Available in passionate red, luxurious gold, or elegant silver, our closure impresses with compact dimensions of 43 x 80 mm and a mere 65 g weight. Its simple yet sophisticated design feels substantial in your hand. The straightforward application is indicated by the blue light, while the green light confirms the completed sealing process.

Experience the full flavor of your wine – with our Vacuum Wine Bottle Closure. Secure yours now and preserve the excellence of your favorite drink! – an absolute essential for true wine enthusiasts.

PACKAGE CONTENTS: Vacuum Wine Bottle Closure x1 (Color of your choice).
Note: The required 2 A4 batteries are not included in the package.


We give you a 2+1 year guarantee FREE OF CHARGE.
Because we are convinced of the quality of our products and your satisfaction is our top priority. That's why we give you a 36-month guarantee on our VINOCOOL© quality products, so that you are always covered. Should your product show a defect within this period, please contact us by e-mail at and describe the defect in as much detail as possible. Ideally, you should include appropriate photos in the attachment.


Exchange your defective VINOCOOL© for a new one - whether one or ten doesn't matter.

It has happened to all of us at one time or another: the bottle of red wine you were drinking in the evening accidentally spills on the floor and the VINOCOOL is perhaps no longer usable because the thread has come loose and the coolant has leaked out. The subsequent outrage is great, because you invested your hard-earned money for it in these difficult times and now it is no longer usable.

We know how it feels to have your favourite item accidentally destroyed, so we want to ease your pain by offering you an unbeatable discount in exchange. This discount is valid for life and always applies to the product price listed at the time of purchase excluding any discount codes:

→ 30% discount

How does it work?

Send us an email ( with your order number, name the item in question and include a photo of it in your message.
Dispose of your damaged items with a clear conscience
Have your new VINOCOOL delivered to you
Be happy and continue to be happy with your VINOCOOL


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